CHOICES is a faith-based Youth Mentor Program targeting West Putnam County's rural youth community. 


CHOICES is founded by Dr. Brenda Miller-Chambliss, in memory of her son, Tyler Randolph Eugene Williams. 


Tyler, a former resident of Interlachen attended Interlachen Elementary, Price Middle, and Interlachen High School. Tyler was murdered on July 17, 2020, in Sylva, North Carolina and his murder is yet unsolved. 


CHOICES is designed to work with our rural community's youth and offer positive alternatives to a world offering hundreds of negatives.  


CHOICES will focus on:

1. Leadership Development

2. Goal Setting

3. Life Management Skills

4. The Arts:

a. Music

b. Drama

c. Creative Writing

d. Dance: Praise, Jazz, and Tap.


CHOICES is the Youth component of Step-by-Step Women's Grief Ministry, for the Victims of Homicide and Suicide Survivors, founded by Dr. Brenda Miller-Chambliss in September of 2020. 


Choices Youth Mentor Program meets on the 2nd Tuesday monthly at 6 pm in the Interlachen Community Center,

135 South County Road 315, Interlachen Florida. 


Parenst are invited to attend.


For more information on Choices or Step by Step Women Grief Ministry,

please contact:


Dr. Brenda Miller-Chambliss

(828) 316-7408

CHOICES Youth Program - stepbystepwgm

Step By Step Women's Grief Ministry








Tyler Randolph Eugene Williams

11/24/1984 - 7/17/2020

Murder unsolved, #justicefortyler

" If I can save the life of one child by helping them make better choices and spare another mother the nightmare and heartache I face daily, then Tylers life would not have been in vain", #justicefortyler. Mom...

Below, a special promotional broadcast for  CHOICES on Step by Step TV May 8, 2023

CHOICES Youth Mentor Program May 9, 2023 Interlachen, Fl